Title : Tilt: A Sin City Novel
Author : Jennifer Samson and M.B. Miller
Price : FREE till 11/30

Everything changes … Las Vegas is a city of change. Fortunes are won and squandered; love found and lost; and alliances made and broken. Everything can change with a spin of the wheel or roll of the dice. Bill is enchanted with Marilyn, who is everything he wants in a woman — and dating his friend Jimmy. Jimmy thinks Marilyn may be “the one,” but, if so, why is he drawn to Darla? Rising star Darla loves Jake, but she has to choose between a Hollywood career and a future with him. Jake is in debt to the Chicago Outfit, and if he leaves town, there’s nowhere Chicago won’t follow, even to Hollywood. Ray wants to become a made man with Chicago, but he wants revenge against Frank Kelly more. Frank’s daughter Diana presents an opportunity to drive a wedge into the family. The only person Diana trusts is her brother Tim, but their relationship is strained, leaving her angry … and vulnerable. Rett is at his wit’s end when his sister Ruby takes up with Tim Kelly, a petty criminal with a chip on his shoulder and disdain for Chicago. Even Rett’s mob ties won’t protect Ruby when — not if — Tim crosses Chicago. Some will win and others will lose, but no one will come away unchanged.