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BOOK #1 – CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET UNCOVERED (A COMPLETE CRYPTOCURRENCY GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS) THIS E-BOOK WILL TEACH YOU: PART 1- What do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies along with the underlying technology called the “Blockchain” bring to the table? What is innovation and why it has the potential to change everything? What are some of the use cases? What exactly are Cryptocurrencies and how they compare to current “Fiat” monetary system? The big picture: the creation of a new asset class and transfer of wealth. What’we’ve been through in 2017-2018 parallel the dot-com bubble! Where we are in terms of the market cycle and what’s next? Governments, regulation, and institutional investors. The flood is coming in quietly but surely! PART 2 – How to safely buy, store and manage your cryptocurrencies? We’re going in-depth in different possibilities! Common mistakes and pitfalls and how to avoid them! PART 3 – How to build and manage your portfolio with different proven investment strategies. We uncover our investment approach that yielded +2000% since 2016. 3 benchmarks of cryptocurrency portfolio allocations. How to rebalance your portfolio? Basics of how to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. (Complete E-Book here) Day trading cryptocurrencies and what strategy we use. (Complete E-Book here) PART 4 – Investing in blockchain startups. What are Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), how evaluate them and how to invest? PART 5 – Crypto Terminology / Glossary AND MUCH MORE… + BONUS CHAPTER (ICC Traders Toolkit)

BOOK #2 – HOW TO EARN PASSIVE INCOME WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY (NO NEED FOR INVESTMENT, PROVEN, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS) THIS E-BOOK WILL TEACH YOU: What are cryptocurrencies and how they can make you money (passive income) even if you do not want to invest in them directly. How you can start earning a passive income using nothing more than your computer and an internet connection in a few hours. What is your role in the ecosystem Different ways to approach this – choose what is best suited for you and your situation. Step-by-Step instructions on how to set up different passive income opportunities. The best opportunities on the market right now (this get’s updated on a regular basis). What pitfalls to avoid AND MUCH MORE… BOOK #2 – ICC WAVE TRADING STRATEGY 2.0 (SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS AS WELL AS ADVANCED TRADERS) THIS E-BOOK WILL TEACH YOU: The logic behind the strategy. Critical factors to make this strategy successful. How to setup your chart. ICC Wave Strategy rules including, pre-trade setup, entry rules, exit rules, and advanced rules for advanced traders. What to expect in terms of results. What mindset to adopt. The difference between ICC Wave and ICC Wave 2.0 Practical trade examples. What is the perfect setup? BONUS CHAPTER #1: Our exclusive aggressive money management to scale a small account ($200 – $10.000 in six months). BONUS CHAPTER #2: Double your small account (DSA) Challange. To keep yourself honest, speed up the learning curve and boost your trading results. We’ve taught many beginners with these same tools and the results were impressive. + MUCH MORE…

ICC WAVE TRADING STRATEGY IS: ​ Proprietary developed, cutting-edge, scalping/swing trading hybrid. ICC Wave Trading Strategy was developed in 2015 and has been proven across different financial markets. This book is all about getting the result with straight forward rules and lot’s of practical examples to show you what kind of setups to look for. ICC Wave Trading Strategy is a tool we still use today to actively trade 10% of your portfolio funds. Anyone can join our community and ask questions relating to the strategy. We try help best as we possibly can. As a courtesy to our community, 100% free. We’ve taught many beginners with these same tools and the results were impressive.