Title : Fate’s Fables (Fate’s Journey Book 1)
Author : T. Rae Mitchell
Price : $0.99
Rating : 4.4 out of 5(110)

Alice In Wonderland collides with Grimm’s Fairy Tales in this sweeping YA fantasy.

From the moment seventeen-year-old Fate Floyd could hold a pen, writing has brought her dreams to life. Now she must write to stay alive.

Magically summoned and cast into a savage wonderland bound by the ancient Book of Fables, Fate can hardly tell what’s real and what’s not. She’s trapped inside a world of darkly spun fairy tales. While Fate loves adventures, she prefers watching them from the comfort of her couch. Unfortunately, hiding behind a pillow from this cast of frightening sorceresses, goblins, faeries and creatures of legend won’t shield her from danger.

And then there’s Finn McKeen. The Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight from her journal of secret daydreams. Entranced by this achingly familiar stranger, who’s as inexplicably drawn to her as she is to him, Fate discovers the staggering truth of who he really is.

Armed with the power of her words to change destinies, Fate and Finn run the gauntlet of this deadly storybook realm, changing each fable’s grim ending into a happily-ever-after. But Fate learns the hard way that while some words make dreams come true, others create nightmares. Can she survive long enough to write her own happy ending, or will she spell her doom?