Title : Free Seas – Orion: Free Seas Trilogy Book 1
Author : V. H. von Schmalz
Price : $$
Rating : 4.9 out of 5(12) 

Freedom and justice!

Pirates are free, and heroes are just – but what eludes most is that the values of freedom and justice are not mutually exclusive. Captain Lefty of the mighty pirate ship, the Fallen Angel, stands firmly by his code whilst fighting all manner of crime over the vast seas, aided by his memorable crew of fellow Water Elementals.

However, there is no shortage of otherworldly challenges in the magic-filled life of a roaming Elemental hero. Amidst the raging storm of run-of-the-mill crime fighting, a new felon comes from beyond the skies to test the might of our esteemed freelance enforcers: Orion, an intergalactic hunter of immense power and even greater fury, with only one thing in mind – revenge for the tragedies of his past.

Among friends and foes both old and new, it ultimately falls to Lefty and his crew to stop the belligerent hunter’s onslaught before any more innocent lives can be pointlessly taken!