Title :KETO DIET COOKBOOK: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss and Well-Being (Enhanced Brain Health, Boost Confidence, Look Great, Combat Disease, Healthy Lifestyle, Transform Your Life)
Author : Jane Oliver
This Keto-friendly Kindle book serves up a dazzling selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes that are simply mouth-watering and designed to keep your carbohydrate intake low for maximum weight loss, improved health and vitality. It will show you how a ketogenic diet works and lists the food you are able to eat and importantly how to keep to a diet without falling at the first hurdle. If you’re serious about losing weight you need this book!

Preview Of The Keto Diet Cookbook

  • All You Need To Know About A Keto Diet
  • Abdominal Fat Is The First To Go
  • How To Combat Snacking
  • Positive Changes In Mental And Physical Health
  • Improved Brain Functioning
  • Feeling Better About Yourself
  • Delicious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes
  • Lists The Foods You Are Able To Eat
  • Easy Tips And Strategies For Not Quitting