Title : Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities: A Phenomenal Collection of Verified Online Resources And Business Ideas To Boost Your Income For 2019 and Beyond! (Predicting Your Success Series Book 1)
Author : Samir Jhaveri
Price : $$ 
Rating : 4.8 out of 5.0(7)

“Is it really possible to work from home and create a decent income online?”
It most certainly is. In fact, the trend to move towards freelancing and the gig economy is growing stronger and stronger, each passing year. And you are about to learn how you too can do it too!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the work anywhere concept, or you are a seasoned internet marketer. You will find tons of online resources and business ideas to boost your income for 2019 and beyond, in this book.

There are several legitimate resources for performing simple tasks to earn a few dollars per hour (like typing, filling surveys, etc.) all the way to earning several hundred dollars per hour (like social media marketing), depending on your expertise and skillset.

You don’t even have to worry if you fall short of skills. There are verified learning resources included in the book, which you can check out and use to master your skills, if you choose.

“But aren’t these resources easily available on the internet?”

The good news is, there are actually tons of resources available online to help you find work, which you can manage from home. The bad news is, not all of them are legitimate. Whether we like it or not, scams are there everywhere. Why take the risk of not getting paid for your work? It is not very difficult to verify the authenticity of a website, but do you have the skills or the time?

Would you prefer to spend your time in searching for opportunities and resources, and then verifying their legitimacy? Or would you prefer to have someone else do the dirty work so that you can spend your precious time in productive work that “actually” fills up your bank account?

Time is considered the most important resource, because we all have the same limited supply. Why waste it in research when you can get what you need on a silver platter?

If you’re not sure where to begin, there’s a chapter which helps you to determine your niche. This could be anything from web designing, creating mobile apps, freelance writing, domain flipping, offering search engine optimization, digital marketing services, etc.

It could even be hobbies like art and craft, painting, music or singing. The book shows you how to monetize them most effectively. When combined with your passion, it also helps you to stay focused and motivated, for maximum returns on your investment of time and energy.

Also included in the book is a chapter which helps you determine your goals, so you can plan your schedule and keep a balance between work and recreation or relaxation.

The book, however, does not include get rich quick schemes, because the author does not believe in them. You will certainly need to work, to earn. This book is also not meant for lazy folks or entertainment seekers. Such books are best found in the fiction category.

This book is specifically written for folks who are ready to learn, who are ready to take action, who are not afraid of criticism or failure, and who have some fire in their belly. If this is you, this book is written specifically with you in mind.

You can now work for yourself, from the comfort of your home, and at your time and convenience! If you’re already working for a boss, you can start your own online business as a side hustle. Once you make a decent chunk of money and you’re confident to continue on this path, you can submit your resignation and do it full time!

It’s time to take a leap of faith and give it a shot. There is little to lose and a lot to gain. The risk to reward ratio is extremely favorable. Are you ready? Scroll up and hit the buy button, the book will be yours in minutes!