Title : Welcome to Xoviion: An Official Story Script Novel, The First Book of Xoviion
Author : Johnny Neurvine
Price : $0.99
Rating : 5.0 out of 5(5)

Johnny Neurvine’s triumphant novel, Welcome to Xoviion, has something for everyone, and is now available in this 2019 release with graphic interpretations by Itinerbury. Be the first to experience it! Why are doors unlocking for him? Who are these ethereal strangers who seem to want to help him? Is all really as it seems on Xoviion? A normal life awaits Brad on the new planet: pay the rent and get a date. Oh yeah, and surf on waves in the air (without spiraling out of control to the ground), try to solve a puzzle (given to him by someone he can’t remember), save the city (a mission given to him by someone he can’t get a hold of) … and laugh a lot. It’s just like Earth, only with sporadic gravity. It’s just like normal life, only it’s Xoviion. Excerpt: “TAMMY So, Brad – where do you think we are? Brad looks back into the chamber, looking down, then up towards the ceiling. BRAD Well this doesn’t go any higher, so this must be the top floor. TAMMY That would explain the smell of food. The cafeteria is on the top floor. BRAD You think we came up that high? TAMMY Fifteen floors up? Apparently. Brad looks around. BRAD So what happened? Why did you … ? TAMMY Well, you just disappeared! BRAD Someone disappears, flying through space, and you do the same? TAMMY Wouldn’t you? Actually the beam of light went dark, and everything went silent, so I moved forward and looked up to see if I could find you. It was strange – once I was in it, there was light, surrounded by blue swirls, but dark in the center. Then I could smell the fresh air again. From there I blacked out. BRAD Come on, let’s find our way out of here. He helps her up and they make their way through another series of equally confusing halls and electrical rooms, both of them still slightly dazed. Taking one last deep breath before entering a door marked “Cafeteria,” he realizes something big – something immense – just happened to him, but he can’t possibly explain what. He feels fatigued, but alive; he feels present, but plagued by questions of whether this was his new employer’s doing, or something else.