Title :Art of War for Family Gatherings: Classic Strategies for Modern Problems (Weston Classics)
Author : Andrew Weston
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How to preserve the love in a family at war…Battle lines have been drawn. Opponents are dug in. Everyone’s gone stone deaf and tone deaf. Open war can be declared at any moment. A flag, a comment, even a look is enough to set off the explosive tensions seething beneath the surface.

The wise uncle who knows how to fix everyone’s household equipment is now seen as a right-wing anti-vax conspiracy nut and the gutsy little anti-authority niece as a blue-haired banshee leftie out to destroy western civilization.

How do you stand your ground amidst all this…. and keep the love?

Art of War for Family Gatherings is a heartwarming and entertaining new book by classics major, Andrew Weston, on how to deal with family turmoil in this troubling time.

  • Drawing on neuroscience, insights from Stoicism, and the teachings of Sun Tzu’s 2500-year-old book on the philosophy of war, Weston provides a fresh approach on how to navigate the minefield of family relations while standing your ground.

With West’s helpful insights into age old wisdom and strategies, we may yet leave meeting family with our most cherished relationships intact – and some vital new life skills to serve as a source of strength in the turbulent times ahead!