Title :The Flying Vaginas Fight for safe abortions, Overturning Dobbs, Reproductive health
Author : Russ Mead

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This book has a unique history as it was originally a banned artwork. The author/artist created a painting of a flying vagina in protest of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Decision. The artwork was banned from public view. “The Flying Vaginas” written story is the author’s reaction to becoming a banned artist. The story features mythical creatures, the flying vaginas, who are determined to fight for reproductive freedom. The enemy of the flying vaginas are religious zealots and politicians who are determined to subjugate women. Imagine a creature with a vagina for a body that moves through our world on mighty wings. This illustrated short story is a commentary on the current war on reproductive health and reproductive freedom. It describes the flying vaginas’ acts of protest and advocacy to restore these fundamental rights. This work unapologetically advocates for the fundamental right to safe abortions. The book concludes with a call for readers to join the battle for reproductive rights and reproductive freedoms. The final sentence in the story serves as a rallying cry to stand up and fight against this injustice.