Title : Chase the Roar: Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture
Author : Ariel Tyson
Price : FREE
Rating : 5.0 out of 5.0(32)

Have you been scared to make the big faith moves God has placed on your heart?
Our society has created a phenomenon that enables believers to seek a lifestyle that contradicts the original intention Jesus placed on Christians. As followers of Jesus, many of us have lost sight of the Great Commission and have committed ourselves to pursuing a lifestyle that our world perpetuates as the best. We strive for the “American dream” instead of God’s dream for our lives. Instead of being world changers, we become world followers. This book is designed to encourage and equip you to follow through as a man or woman of faith, and, through your example, to influence the next generation to do the same.
In this book, you’ll learn how to:

Discern what the call of God is in your life and your family’s life
Identify crowd followers, acceptors, and chasers
Make big faith decisions more simple
Take practical daily steps in your faith walk
Include your kids in the faith journey
Invest your money in what matters

Faith Chasers, let’s Chase the Roar!