Title :He Says; “I Love You”: 10 Traits to Look for Before Committing
Author : Wendy Wall

Are you a Christian lady preparing for marriage, but have no idea how to measure a man’s godly character? Are you interested in knowing the top qualities that can tell you your potential spouse is marriage material in a godly union?

“He Says; “I Love You”, 10 Traits to Look for Before Committing” is written to help you discover the top characters to look for in a potential spouse before building a lifelong marriage. This book reveals how Christian women from all walks of life can easily tell if their potential husbands are ready for a godly and successful marriage.
A lot of single women have a superficial list of things they are looking for in a prospective spouse. It may involve his physical appearance, financial statement, or similar interests. These things are important, but many Christian women don’t know how to focus on the critical issues that will help them succeed in married life. That is where this practical guide comes in to help.
Inside this book, a woman will discover the things she should look for in the life direction of a potential godly mate using biblical principles.
If you are a man who desires to follow the model of loving your spouse as Christ loved the church, you will find the aspects of your character you need to develop in preparing to be a good husband inside this book.
Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover inside this book:
•The most critical qualities you need to find in a partner before committing to them
•Specific ways you can easily recognize the qualities of a godly mate before dating
•Questions and biblical answers to help you marry with confidence
•Biblical principles you can use to save your marriage even before it starts
•How to build your relationship with God and develop the character of a godly mate
•And much more…
If you are a single Christian lady and are looking forward to a blissful marriage one day, then you need to get this book.