Title :You want to know about French wines?: FUN-damentals for the “Wannabe Wino” (Including the correct pronunciation from a French Sommelier)
Author : Mymi Jarrell

Picture this…

You are at a dinner party and sitting across the table from you is the person that you have been crushing on for a very long time.

You have been smiling at each other and everything seems to be going very well until another guest starts talking about French wines.

Suddenly, your crush is instantaneously smitten, stops paying attention to you and joins the conversation.

There you sit, watching your crush having fun with someone else. You want to join the conversation because you like to drink wine but you just don’t know a lot about ‘French Wines’; all the terms, the Chateaus, jargon… it’s all very intimidating and you certainly wouldn’t want to make a fool out of yourself pronouncing something wrong in front of your crush!

So, there you sit, in silence. And of course, at the end of the night, your crush leaves the party with the other guest.

But now, I want you to imagine this… Being able to not only join that conversation but being totally confident talking about French wines, even surprising and impressing everyone at the dinner table, especially your crush with your knowledge and a sexy French accent!

And what if I told you that it IS possible!
All you have to do is practice with me 😉